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Essen 2017

In July three young people from Southwick took part in an international youth meeting in Essen, one of Sunderland's twin cities. The theme of the youth meeting was environmental issues, and how we can tackle these to be more eco friendly. The meeting brought together young people from Germany, England, Finland, Israel, China, France, Russia and Poland. You can watch the video here: International Youth Exchange Essen 2017


Story writing

In the summer of 2017, a group of young people from S.N.Y.P completed a project as part of "Putting Southwick on the Map". The group worked with local writer Alan Parkinson and wrote a short, fiction story about S.N.Y.P. If you would like to read the story, it can be found here: www.southwickmap.org



The boys who raised money for the Germany trip raised a little too much. They then decided that they wanted to have an extra trip with the money they raised. What they decided was to go on a wild camping trip to Finchale priory. There they looked at survival skills, wood carving, camp fire cooking and wildlife. This was a huge experience for all of the young people, for some it was their first time camping.



The boys had one evening in the six weeks holidays where they decided to have a BBQ. This was a small addition to their cooking but in a different way. They learnt the importance of cooking meat properly to avoid being ill. Some boys also found that they were able to set a good fire for cooking and cooked the food.


Hair and beauty

Members of the girls group enjoy having the opportunity to experiment with hairstyles, they’ve used some of the SNYP resources such as straighteners, curlers etc to try out different looks on one another. The girls have also enjoyed nail art and accomplishing designs on such a small space. Earlier in the year the girls had a visit from a henna artist who they worked with, created designs and each had a tattoo done.


Girls Group

S.N.Y.P. girls group love trying new things and are always creative in their ideas. Over the past year the girls have tie dyed t-shirts and socks, they’ve tried marbling and had a go at making bath bombs and shower jellies. The girls enjoy being out too, they’ve done a few walks along the riverside and down to the beach, and they walked up to Penshaw monument. The different sessions also provide opportunity to engage the girls in conversation. While sitting around the table doing different activities they discuss many things. Some of the topics they cover and explore include feminism, relationships, terrorism, racism and politics.


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